The Phi Kappa Literary Society is a debate society at the University of Georgia. We meet every academic Thursday at Phi Kappa Hall on North Campus at 7 p.m.

All with an insatiable appetite for knowledge and oratory are welcome.



Phi Kappa Continues Growth Spurt

Sister Victoria Wright

Sister Wright is a first year Environmental Economics major with a desire to go to law school and become an environmental lawyer. Debate has always been special to her because she absolutely adores undying tradition and the idea of unlimited respect. She also, however, prides herself on being spontaneous. She joined Color Guard (despite her lack of any dancing ability) in high school and fought to build insane arm muscles through the art of flag-tossing. Victoria also spontaneously started working at an ice cream store in which she actually began to despise the idea of ice cream (and also happened to strengthen her arm muscles even more). In spontaneously finding Phi Kappa, Victoria found a place with the tradition she always craved. She found the perfect blend of tradition and spontaneity.  She found people that she is incredibly proud to call her siblings.


The Phi Kappa Family Grows Bigger

Sister Arianna Monahan

- Arianna Monahan is a second year economics and theater major who hopes to attend law school following her graduation. She was raised in Marietta, Georgia where she has always explored her passion for debate even from a very early age. As an elementary schooler she would practice her persuasion skills by writing 10 page papers to her father explaining why it was absolutely imperative that she get a pet rabbit. Debate followed her through middle school via her participation in debate club and in her ambition to one day become a human rights lawyer. Her love of debate followed her into high school when she became a part of Model United Nations. During the transition to college she hoped to find a place to continue furthering her debate skills, and she has found that and more in the Phi Kappa Literary Society- which has given her a family which she is more than honored to become a part of.


Brother Zach Garrison

- Hailing from Marietta, GA, Brother Garrison is a member of the Class of 2018 studying advertising and communication studies. While patiently biding his time until Buzzfeed News (inevitably) hires him, Brother Garrison enjoys being on staff at THE Taco Stand dt, where he can be found making the best grilled quesadillas in Athens. As a lifelong athlete, Brother Garrison can be found on the tennis court or in the swimming pool – yet, he also prides himself on his capacity to binge watch entire seasons of Bob’s Burgers unhindered for hours on end.  Perhaps most importantly, Brother Garrison self-identifies as a disciple of Madonna, striving to lead his life in a way that inspires irreverence, empowerment, and public voguing (It should be noted lyrics of “Express Yourself” were interpolated into the conclusion of his petitioning speech). He is ecstatic to be a member of the Society and looks forward to making his new siblings proud.


Sister Soundarya Kathi

- Following in the tradition of other Phi Kappa greats, Sister Kanthi knew she had to join a literary society at UGA and simply put; the Society Across the Way was never really a viable option for someone as invested in mutual esteem and creative writings. Sister Kanthi is pleased to share her alternate resume with all the alums which includes: doing hair, cleaning like you’ve never seen, starting and not finishing paintings, reigning over the nerdy nerddom and sending pretty fantastic e-mails. Call her; beep me, if you want to reach her.


Sister Jess Pagan

- Sister Jess Pagan is a third year, from Savannah, Georgia, studying history and religion. While it is her dream to one day be a regular on Doctor Who, she intends — until further notice — to eventually pursue a PhD in Theological Studies. When not either studying or working as a desk assistant in the Main Library, Sister Pagan enjoys reading, painting, and binge watching Masterpiece Theatre. She is best known, however, for her loud and distinct laugh, inability to make a short story actually short, and being the current holder for one of the most coveted cake recipes in all of middle Georgia. Sister Pagan wants to express how honored she feels to have the distinct privilege of becoming a member of Phi Kappa and is thrilled to join such an amazing family.

Sister Miranda Hermes

- Miranda Hermes is a 1st Year Philosophy and Econ Major, who enjoys the thrill of living. Most recently, Miranda successfully made her first shot from behind the 3-point line in basketball. She achieved her 4-year Letterman Award from the state-winning Northview Cross Country Team in 2015. There were times in Miranda’s life when challenge led her astray. At those times she did things like jump into 6-foot holes before considering escape and receive citations for rowing inflatable rafts into major lakes. Despite this, she has never taken the un-walkable path and survived 17 years of life-to-date. I highlight this fact because she is the oldest member of the Chinese-Mexican-German race known to the UGA campus. A Devil’s advocate at heart, Miranda embraces the command in 1 Thessalonians 5:21 to “test all things, [and] hold fast to what is good”. Miranda loves Phi Kappa and is excited to call it her new home. At Phi Kappa, Miranda will gain superior knowledge about the world through the challenge of debate and the wisdom of her family. Speaking of family, Miranda is part of the best family in UGA, Phi Kappa. To them, she will whole-heartedly devote her college years.


Welcome Phi Kappa's Newest Siblings

Brother Tanner Woodson

photo credits to Matt Hardy

Tanner Woodson is a second year Real Estate major with an emphasis in commercial Real Estate. Although he lived in Minnesota for 13 years, he came to his senses and moved a little farther South to Milton, GA during high school. In the Spring of 2015, he began at UGA and first came to Phi Kappa during ISD off a recommendation from his friends. He is excited and honored to be accepted into Phi Kappa and is truly appreciative of our ability to conduct educational conversations on topics that other college students would shy away from. By day he hopes to increase membership in our society by ensuring that every student has at least heard of, if not visited, Phi Kappa Literary Society. By night, he trains to be a future Olympian as an ice hockey player.

Sister Liz Woodard (pictured at bottom)

Liz is a first year student in Forestry with Pre-Law intent. She is from Rome, GA and has run cross country since the eighth grade. She enjoys the outdoors and plans to hike the entirety of the Appalachian Trail after completing her undergraduate degree and before pursuing a degree in law. She is a summer camp counselor near Asheville, NC and has mastered the art of friendship bracelets and tie-dye through this occupation. Growing up influenced by a father intent on stressing the importance of public speaking, she has found a befitting home in the Phi Kappa Literary Society.


Congratulations to all siblings for a successful semester!

The Phi Kappa Liteary Society would like to announce the winners of the awards presented at last night’s Spring Banquet.

  • Freshman Class Debater: Sister Halle Hammond
  • Junior Class Debater: Brother Roger Grantham
  • Senior Class Debater: Brother Richard Banton
  • Graduate Student Class Debater: Brother Phil Grant
  • Stephen’s Declamations Winner: Sister Halle Hammond
  • Henry W. Grady Award Winner: Brother Richard Banton
  • T. Kyle King Award Winner: Sister Halle Hammond
  • Larson-Gerson Award Winner: Brother Richard Banton
  • Exemplar Officer: Sister Katherine La Mantia
  • Most Improved Speaker: Brother Ben Walker
  • Anniversarian: Brother Phil Grant
  • Freshman Impromptu Winner: Brother Roger Grantham 
  • Speakers Key Recipient: Brother Andrew Plaskowsky
  • Speakers Key Recipient: Sister Katherine La Mantia
  • Speakers Key Recipient: Brother Richard Banton
  • Speakers Key Recipient: Brother Phil Grant
  • Speakers Key Recipient: Sister Melina Lewis
  • Speakers Key Recipient: Sister Kristin Henry

Congratulations to the Fall 2015 Officers!

After a long night of elections, the Phi Kappa Literary Society is proud to announce the officers for Fall of 2015.

  • President: Brother Phil Grant
  • First Assistant: Sister Halle Hammond
  • Second Assistant: Brother Roger Grantham 
  • Chief Justice: TBD
  • Associate Justices: Sister Sarah Anne Owens and Brother Ben Walker
  • Clerk: Brother Seong Kim
  • Alumni Secretary: Brother Hunter Smith
  • Historian: Brother Austin Hattori
  • Clavinger: Sister Song Kue
  • Webmaster: Brother Andrew Plaskowsky
  • Censor: TBD

Congratulations! We look forward to another successful semester in the Fall. To Order!