The Phi Kappa Literary Society is a debate society at the University of Georgia. We meet every academic Thursday at Phi Kappa Hall on North Campus at 7 p.m.

All with an insatiable appetite for knowledge and oratory are welcome.


Snow Closing

Due to the inclement weather this week, Phi Kappa Literary Society was not able to meet at its usual time. This just builds up the anticipation for the February 20th meeting of Phi Kappa at its traditional hours of debate and comraderie with a special Phi Kappan twist. 


Spring 2014 Officers

Some of the Fall 2013 Members of Phi Kappa (from Left to Right, Top to Bottom): Brother Moore, Brother Grant, Brother Kincaid, Sister Smith, Sister Libby, Brother Hord, Brother Schwegler, Honorable Brother Dr. Bertch, Sister LaMantia, Brother Tyler, Sister Dean, Sister Henry, Sister Lewis, Brother Plaskowsky, Brother Banton, Brother Giordano.

After a grueling evening/morning of debating next semester’s positions, all decisions were reached by 3:30 am, the time of adjournment.

  • President - Brother Stanton Kincaid
  • 1st Assistant - Sister Melina Lewis
  • 2nd Assistant - Brother Phil Grant
  • Chief Justice - Sister Kassidy Dean
  • Associate Justices - Sister Katherine LaMantia, Sister Kris Henry
  • Alumni Secretary - Sister Amy Libby
  • Clerk - Sister Abie Smith
  • Treasurer - Brother Andrew Plaskowsky
  • Historian - Brother Richard Banton
  • Clavinger - Brother Graham Hord
  • Censor - Brother Matthew Tyler
  • Webmaster - Sister Shreya Singh


Phi Kappa's Annual Scary Story Competition

Each year, the Phi Kappa Society plays host to the University of Georgia’s spookiest creative writing competition. Members and guests alike are invited to present interesting or original scary stories by candlelight inside of our 187 year old hall. Prizes will be awarded for best story and best costume.

So, stop by the hall at 7pm this halloween for UGA’s oldest and best scary story competition. The ghost of Brother Alexander Stephens compells you. 

Photo by Flickr user de faria. Used under Creative Commons license. 


Show Your Support for Phi Kappa


Debating Government Shutdowns and Special Guest Vice President for Student Affairs Victor Wilson

Join the Phi Kappa Literary Society this Thursday and voice your opinion on the recent government shutdown as members and guests alike debate, “The 2014 Continuing Appropriations Act should not have been passed and signed into law.” 

Prior to the debate, Vice President for Student Affairs Victor K. Wilson will deliver a rousing oration.

Creative Writings & Orations will follow later in the evening.

RSVP to the event on Facebook so we will have a count for refreshments.

Founded in 1820, the Phi Kappa Literary Society is a student debate organization committed to the mental and moral elevation of it members through the mediums of debate and oratory. Guests are welcome and encouraged to speak on matters of debate every academic Thursday at 7 P.M. in the historic Phi Kappa Hall on North Campus (across the quad from the Holmes-Hunter Academic Building). There is no required dress code for guests, although most choose to wear business casual as members typically dress in business attire.

Photo by Flickr user erin_m. Used under Creative Commons.

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