The Phi Kappa Literary Society is a debate society at the University of Georgia. We meet every academic Thursday at Phi Kappa Hall on North Campus at 7 p.m.

All with an insatiable appetite for knowledge and oratory are welcome.


The Phi Kappa Literary Society Debates Stand Your Ground Laws

What constitutes self defense? 

To what extent does a persons right to protect themselves extend and where do the rights of others supercede it?

On Thursday the 15th, beggining at 6:30pm the Phi Kappa Literary Society and our guests will debate these issues and share our writings and ideas. Join us in discussion!


Thinking about joining Phi Kappa? Hear what PK alumni have to say

Over the past 193 years, thousands of students at the University of Georgia have found a home in Phi Kappa Hall. Through oratory and debate, Phi Kappa has cultivated the self-esteem that is necessary in all walks of life and polished the speaking and critical thinking skills of all who put forth the requisite effort (many of whom have no previous public speaking or debate experience). Current members and alumni have formed lifelong friendships with their fellow Phi Kappans. Alumni have gone on to careers as politicians, lawyers, academics, teachers, and writers, among other notworthy professions. Several alumni recently reminisched about their time as active members of Phi Kappa and the impact that Phi Kappa has had on their post-UGA life:

“As a litigation attorney, I can safely say my years in Phi Kappa contributed more to the success of my practice than 99% of my law classes.  Through Phi Kappa, I learned the power of persuasion, effective writing skills, thorough critical analysis, and (most importantly) how to remain calm and think on my feet when before a judge, jury, or hostile witness.” –Brother Robert Alan Hawk, UGA Law Class of 2010, Attorney at Robert A. Hawk, PC

“Phi Kappa has given me the skills to be comfortable in front of any audience, and the joy of life long friendships.” -Sis. Erin McClanahan, Class of 2005, graduate student in education at UGA

“Phi Kappa did more to prepare me for law school than the entirety of my undergraduate career.” -Br. John Miller, Class of 2000 and 2003, Attorney at Miller and Brown, PC

“My time at Phi Kappa was one of the most memorable in my life. I can’t think of any other experience where I engaged in meaningful discourse on such a wide range of topics.” -Br. Jason Orlosky, Class of 2012, PhD Student at Osaka University, Japan

Phi Kappa meets every Thursday at 7 pm during the fall and spring semesters. Meetings include a first debate, creative writings and orations, a trip to Taco Stand, and a second (usually) humorous debate. Meetings are open to the public and guests are encouraged (but not required) to speak. Any questions about visiting or joining the Society can be directed to Sister Abie Smith (, incoming first assistant and chair of the public relations committee, or Brother Matt Tyler (, president-elect for the fall 2013 semester.


5 Tips for Incoming UGA Freshmen

The transition from high school to university can be a startling one. You’re leaving home for the first time and entering into a sea of unknown faces as you (hopefully) strive to further your education. So, check out out short list of great tips for making the most out of those first few weeks at UGA in Athens, GA.

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Spring Semester 2013 Wrap Up

The Phi Kappa calendar for the spring 2013 semester was packed as numerous special events were held and fierce debates were undertaken in the upper chamber of Phi Kappa Hall.

On February 25th, we hosted a debate between Sam Webb, Chairman of the Communist Party USA, and Dr. Gregg Morin, a representative from the Georgia Libertarian Party, on “Is full employment possible under capitalism?” The formal debate in the Chapel was followed by a special open debate on “Would Jesus have been a capitalist or a communist?” This special event commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of a banned Phi Kappa-sponsored debate between a Communist Party leader and an economics professor in the midst of the Cold War.

The Debate That Never Happened from Phi Kappa Literary Society on Vimeo.

At the end of February, we held our annual anniversary meeting in which actives and alumni debated whether or not Puerto Rico should be admitted into the union as a state. We also scheduled a visit to the Hargrett Rare Collections Library during which we saw 100+ year old artifacts from Phi Kappa’s history, including a letter from Hon. Br. John Tyler (tenth president of the United States), a newspaper clipping from the dedication of Phi Kappa Hall in 1829, and the meeting minutes from the clerkship of Br. Henry W. Grady.

On February 14th, a group of active members went to the Brother Alexander Stephens House in Crawfordville to commemorate the birthday of one our most influential (albeit infamous) alumni.

During the annual Inter-society Debate on March 28th, a team of the most well-spoken Phi Kappans—Br. Michael Antonoff, Sis. Cherith Fuller, Br. Dominic Giordano, Br. Matt Tyler, and Br. Mark Wheeler—debated members of the rival society on the resolution, “Be It Hereby Resolved: The United States has an obligation to interfere in the domestic affairs of sovereign nations to defend human rights as defined by the ICRC.” Despite the team’s valiant efforts, the society across the way ended up winning in a 2-1 split. 

On April 11th, we hosted the first annual Brother E. Wilson Young Creative Writing Competition, for which there were over twenty submissions from talented local aspiring writers.

At the end of April, we held a reception with university administrators in concurrence with our annual Stephens Declamations, during which members give creative orations of a range of topics. Dr. Bill McDonald, Dean of Students, also gave an oration on Br. Dean William Tate.

Finally, we would like to congratulate our seven newest siblings who joined the Society this semester:

Sis. Abie Smith

Br. Andrew Plaskowsky

Sis. Ashley Gravlin

Br. Graham Hord

Sis. Kassidy Dean

Br. Richard Banton

Sis. Melina Lewis 

Phi Kappa also inducted two honorary members, Hon. Br. Dr. Gary Bertsch, who will be Phi Kappa’s new faculty sponsor, and Hon. Br. Dr. Keith Poole (whose research was recently cited by Nate Silver in the New York Times).

Phi Kappa holds meetings every Thursday evening at 7 pm during the fall and spring semesters. Debates are open to the public and guests are encouraged (but not required) to speak. After the first debate, members and guests are welcome to present creative writing pieces and give orations. The night typically ends with a trip to Taco Stand and a second, (usually) humorous debate.

There will also be a summer meeting open to the public on June 29th at noon at Phi Kappa Hall (point 1 on this map). Sister Ashley Gravlin will present the resolution, “Be It Hereby Resolved: The NSA’s ability to search and seize at their discretion any citizen’s communication and search logs violates the 4th amendment,” and Br. Richard Banton will present the first negation.

Any questions about visiting or joining the Society can be directed to Sister Abie Smith (, incoming first assistant and chair of the public relations committee, or Brother Matt Tyler (, president-elect for the fall 2013 semester.


We'll Tumble For You

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