We meet on Thursdays at 7pm in Phi Kappa Hall.

All with an insatiable appetite for knowledge and oratory are welcome.


We'll Tumble For You

Check out Phi Kappa on Tumblr. And, remember to check us out in the hall Thursdays at 7 this fall!


Brother Young & Sister Nelson Tell Racy Stories

Brother Young Sister Nelson

Listen to Brother Young and Sister Nelson, Phi Kappa’s favourite alumni story tellers, take part in Carapace, a monthly storytelling event in Atlanta. The theme was “Dirty Love Tricks”.


Summer Meeting: Saturday, June 29th

This year’s summer meeting is on Saturday, the 29th of June. If you’re an incoming freshman looking to answer the question “what can I do after orientation to get a feel for the real UGA?”, visiting Phi Kappa hall that evening will be the answer you have been in search of. Stay tuned on for the announcement of the debate topic and a more in-depth run-down of the weekend’s events.

But, for a quick overview, our summer meetings are similar to our regular meetings (that take place Thursdays during the school year at 7pm in Phi Kappa Hall). We chose a topic and slug it out with the strongest weaopons we can legally unleash on UGA campus: our booming voices that lob logic bombs at our enemies.

The main difference is that it’s quite warm outside and you have the pleasure of meeting more of our illustrious young alumni than you usually would.

So, here’s to seeing you on UGA’s North campus in about two weeks!


Fall 2013 Officers

Our officers for Fall 2013 are as follows:

  1. President: Brother Matthew Tyler
  2. First Assistant: Sister Abie Smith
  3. Second Assistant: Brother Dominic Giordano
  4. Chief Justice: Sister Fiallos
  5. Associate Justices: Sister Katherine La Mantia and Sister Kassidy Dean
  6. Clerk: Sister Ashley Gravlin
  7. Clavinger: Brother C.J. Brown
  8. Treasurer: Sister Melina Lewis
  9. Historian: Brother Graham Hord
  10. Censor: Brother Stanton Kincaid
  11. Webmaster: Brother Walker Smith

Congratulations to all of the officers and may we have the best semester yet under their guindance. It’s one of the most well-rounded selections we have seen in quite a long time. 


Of Rupaul and RFK

There’s much to be said about structure. From a speech, to a paper, and even to a TV show, structure is essential. Structure allows for the proper flow from one part to another. Structure can speed and slow your mind as it’s pulled down a path from on point to the next.

An interesting difference in structure on the page and structure in spoken language is that the two can differ drastically. Every Phi Kappa president is given the same script for a meeting. Each approaches it differently and each reign had a distinct feel. Sister Baker would bounce through business rapidly with a few funny jokes thrown in. Brother Hawk liked to spend extra time reminding you of heritage and history—his business sections were a bit longer.

Each individual, no matter if they are following a script for a meeting or reading a speech, will produce a different result. If I were to read Rober F. Kennedy’s speech to Indianapolis announcing the Martin Luther King, Jr had been assasinated, you would (probably) not feel the chill that his voice is able to illicit. I am simply not RFK and it would be painfully obvious. 

And that—yes, that—brings me to RuPAul’s Drag Race.

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