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The Phi Kappa Literary Society is a debate society at the University of Georgia. We meet every academic Thursday at Phi Kappa Hall on North Campus at 7 p.m.

All with an insatiable appetite for knowledge and oratory are welcome.



Do the police represent a credible threat to public safety?

Join the Phi Kappa Literary Society on January 8th for our first debate of the new semester: BIHR: The American police represent a credible threat to public safety. 

With all the protests and incidents in the news lately, this is a topic that needs to be discussed. Has our police force become dangerous, or are they still our protectors? Where is the line drawn, and have they crossed it. We want to know what you think. Come out on Thursday, January 8th at 7 pm to join in our discussion of the state of the police in America today


New Officers!

After a long, thorough night of elections this past Thursday, the Phi Kappa Literary Society has decided on its new officers for Spring 2015:

President - Sister Kristin Henry
First Assistant - Brother Richard Banton
Second Assistant - Sister Katherine La Mantia
Chief Justice - Sister Shreya Singh
Associate Justices - Brother Clark Veazey, Brother Will Dasher
Clerk - Brother Austin Hattori
Treasurer - Sister Song Kue
Historian - Sister Sarah Anne Owens
Clavinger - Brother Hunter Smith
Censor - Brother Phil Grant

Congratulations to everyone!


New Members!

It’s been a wonderful semester for Phi Kappa, and we’ve admitted many new members. We’re so excited to see our society grow and gain so many new siblings. Here’s a short introduction to our young Phi Kappans: 

Brother Ryan Mikulka is a first year Journalism major at the University of Georgia (who used to be noted in the minutes as “Septum Piercing”). Some might call him a David Bowie enthusiast who wears pinstripes when he’s feeling fancy. Atop seeking to improve his speaking on the floor, he can also tell you everything there is to know about techno.

Brother William Dasher is a first year, pre-law Political Science major from Millen, GA. When he isn’t playing guiter and writing music, he’s trouncing the competition on his competetive dodgeball team, The Dodgefathers. He hopes to one day be a United States Attorney. 

Sister Alexis Robinson is a fabulous junior hailing from the Terry College of Business as a Finance major. She is tall, sassy, and takes getting a weekly hug very seriously.  Her style, outspokenness, and riot-inducing sense of humor always adds a positive environment to the Hall.

Brother Hunter Smith was born in Athens, GA while both of his parents were students at the University of Georgia, but was raised in Jesup, GA. He is the eldest son of Tanya Smith and the late Christopher Smith. After losing his father at age 11, Hunter embarked on a lifelong journey to serve the world around him through his leadership, passion, and charisma. He is excited to return to UGA as a first year student double majoring in Journalism and Political Science, and minoring in Sociology. Hunter is also seeking a certificate in Personal and Organizational Leadership with the intent to seek his Masters in Public Administration and law degree. He aspires to serve in state and federal government, as a Senator or Governor.​

Sister Halle Hammond is a first year soon-to-be double major in English and Romance Languages from Woodstock (yes), GA. She has a gift for language and a pen that never seems to run out of ink.  Her speeches are just as eloquently crafted as her creative writings, and she is a lovely addition to any conversation regarding feminism and The Craft.

Brother Ben Walker, a first year Finance major, was born in Norman, Oklahoma, but he calls Green Bay, Wisconsin home.  He loves movies, Memento and Vertigo in particular, but also anything directed by Christopher Nolan or mob related. Despite his film taste, however, Brother Walker is always pleasant, usually smiling, and lovely for a good hug.

Brother Austin Hattori is a first year Latin major and Music minor from Duluth, Georgia. He was homeschooled for much of his life and has now graced our public university campus with his dapper style and rockin’ jawbone (as the multitudes have said). He has also professed a deep love both for Tina Fey and Thai Spoon.

Sister Song Kue is a first year master’s student majoring in Bioprocessing and Bioengineering from Acworth, GA. She just turned 25, English is her second language and you will always know her by the stylish blazers she dons to each meeting.

Sister Sarah Anne Owens is a freshman from Atlanta, Georgia majoring in Journalism and Linguistics. She is a second soprano and loves to sing in the choirs here at UGA. She is addicted to hot tea. Last year, for Halloween, she and her two best friends dressed up as hipster Disney princesses. She was Belle and she sported a sign that said, “Men are too mainstream. I date beasts.” She was President of the Thespian Society in high school and is proud to now be Sister Owens.

Sister Victoria Pekala is a freshman at the University of Georgia from Manitowoc, Wisconsin studying Environmental Economics and Management. She avidly participates in creative writings and loves to take time out of her day to read a classic.

Brother Clark Veazey is a first year Astrophysics major from Melbourne, Australia. He is a former fencer and heavily involved student on this campus, taking 17 credit hours with a hankering for Benthamism and a knack for spontaneously injuring himself.



Should Israel recognize Palestine as a state?


Join the Phi Kappa Society as we debate a hot current event topic that is currently troubling international relations: BIHR: Israel should recognize Palestine as a state.

Fighting continues in the Israeli-Palestine conflict. An estimated 14,500 civilian casualties have been reported since 1948, and that number continue to grow. Americans often find themselves in a difficult position in this debate as the U.S. has been one the main champions of Israel since its beginnings, yet terrible violence has been committed on both sides. Does Palestine deserve recognition? Is recognition even possible? What does it take to resolve this decades-long battle? Talk about it this Thursday in Phi Kappa Hall at 7 p.m.

The Phi Kappa Literary Society was founded in 1820 and is one of the oldest organizations on campus. Phi Kappa seeks to improve public speaking skills by debates, creative writings and orations. 

Guests are not required to participate, but we encourage it!


A Night of Celebrations

Last Thursday, the Phi Kappa Literary Society not only welcomed two new members, Sister Alexis Robinson and Brother Ryan Mikulka, into our society along with the eight other new siblings we’ve inducted this semester,but we also celebrated Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights. This is the time of year for gathering with loved ones and celebrating togetherness, and the Phi Kappa Literary Society is filled with the spirit of the season. Happy autumn. 

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