The Phi Kappa Literary Society is a debate society at the University of Georgia. We meet every academic Thursday at Phi Kappa Hall on North Campus at 7 p.m.

All with an insatiable appetite for knowledge and oratory are welcome.


Introduce Yourself!

The Phi Kappa Literary Society will be tabling at orientation all through this summer. Look for our banner and come say hi! We’d love to get to know you.



Election Night 

Phi Kappa will be holding elections tonight. There will be no debate held at the hall. We hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful semester of debate, camraderie, and siblinghood! 


Brother Luke Whiteside 

A belated congratulations to our newest member, Brother Luke Whiteside. We are so proud to welcome you into our cherished siblinghood.


2014 Inter-society Debate 

Phi Kappa Literary Society is inviting all alumni, actives, and guests to join us in our annual tradition of the Inter-Society Debate with our historic rivals and companions in debate, the Demosthenian Literary Society. 

The debate topic this year  presented, “be it hereby resolved, the development of artificial intelligence greater than or equal to human intelligence would be detrimental to humankind” with Phi Kappa Literary Society arguing for the negation. 

Phi Kappa’s team consists of Bro. Banton, Bro. Grant, Bro. Hord, Sis. Lewis, and Sis. Singh.

The Demosthenians will be presenting the definitions to be used before the debate as part of their introduction of the affirmative argument. 

The debate will be held Thursday, March 27th in the The Larry Walker Room in Dean Rusk Hall. 

Phi Kappa is meeting in front of Phi Kappa Hall on North Campus at 6:30 to walk over to the Courtroom together. Come out for what is sure to be one of the most stimulating debates of the semester! 


Be it hereby resolved, Teach for America should be discontinued.

Join the Phi Kappa Literary Society to hear and participate in a respectful debate on this pertinent and controversial issue. 

The resolution reads: Be it hereby resolved, Teach for America should be discontinued. 

Creative Writings & Orations to follow later in the evening.

First Affirm: Abie Smith
First Negate: Melina Lewis

Be it taken into consideration that Phi Kappa Literary Society has no official stance on this or any resolution and serves only as a forum to facilitate scholarly discussion of such controversial matters.

Founded in 1820, the Phi Kappa Literary Society is a student debate organization committed to the mental and moral elevation of it members through the mediums of debate and oratory. Guests are welcome and encouraged to speak on matters of debate every academic Thursday at 7 P.M. in the historic Phi Kappa Hall on North Campus (across the quad from the Holmes-Hunter Academic Building).