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The Phi Kappa Literary Society is a debate society at the University of Georgia. We meet every academic Thursday at Phi Kappa Hall on North Campus at 7 p.m.

All with an insatiable appetite for knowledge and oratory are welcome.



A Great Read!

I encourage everyone, both young and old, to check out this book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. As a college student, I have come to appreciate success and the joys that accompany it. This book covers some of the greatest topics on this subject and I encourage everyone to check it out.

Download it here


BIHR: Embarrassment Is The Best Teacher 

Most of us have had at least one teacher who found a way to poetically breathe life into the subject they were teaching, even if that subject happened to be sixth-grade algebra.

Most of us have had at least one teacher who instilled a sense of embarrassment so deep that it went beyond having our heads weighed down by dunce caps, our essays saturated in red ink, our bladders unrelieved by bathroom breaks. That shame inhabited our very souls.

Which method is the most effective could be the subject of debate.  

Thankfully, Phi Kappa Literary Society’s Sister Fuller will be presenting Be It Hereby Resolved: Embarrassment Is The Best Teacher this Thursday at 7 pm. Brother Summer will be negating.  


Intersociety Debate Team 2012 

Congratulations to the Phi Kappa Intersociety Debate Team for 2012:

Sister Jess Melear

Brother Walker Smith

Brother Ben Woodard

Sister Amy Libby

Sister Cherith Fuller will serve as alternate.

We look forward to seeing our siblings represent the society against our rivals in what is sure to be an incredible competition. 




Redefining The Term "Competitive" 

The Phi Kappa Literary Society will have our Intersociety Debate Team Tryouts this Thursday rather than our usual open-floor debates. The four Phi Kappa members who are chosen to fill these coveted spots will go up against our rivals in debate later this spring. The tryouts consist of the Society’s members going head-to-head in preselected pairings, the rapid-style debate format allows for five minutes and a rebuttal. Some of the various topics include “Austerity Is An Ineffective Economic Policy” and “Physician-Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal”. 


The Society will also have one greater sibling in attendance this Thursday, as Sister Liana Fiallos was welcomed into the Society last Thursday. Congratulations, Sister! 


BIHR: American Values Never Existed 

Freedom. Equality. Independence. Family. Faith….just a few of the many “Values” we’re taught from a young age. 

Some say that these principles have been under assault for decades, others suppose rather that we’ve collectively turned our eyes away from the moral ideals that our country was built on. Still others may purport any dialogue of concern to be political posturing around election time. 

But what if these American Values never existed in the first place?

Brother Antonoff is presenting and Brother McDuff is negating. 


By Values, I mean the ideals, customs, and institutions of a society that people in a society find desirable. A value can also generally refer to any quality that an individual finds desirable. 

Specifically by American Values, I am referring to certain core beliefs that have been shared by those residing in the United States since its founding.

By never, I mean at no point in time.

And by existed, I mean been found to occur.

Join the Phi Kappa Literary Society this Thursday, January 19th at 7 pm for a debate that is sure to transcend the usual political conversation.