We meet on Thursdays at 7pm in Phi Kappa Hall.

All with an insatiable appetite for knowledge and oratory are welcome.


A Lazy PK Summer

Things have been relatively quiet around the hall without regular classes in session. But, we are all working hard during the break to churn up some fantastic ideas for the fall. So, Keep an eye out for information on our second summer meeting around mid-July and get pumped for the awesome things that will be coming your way starting in August. 

A small hint and warning about the things we have planned for you:

Start thinking grandiose and reading up on your favorite historical and literary pieces from long ago.


Elections Results

The results of last night’s elections follow.


Sister Noelle Shuck

First Assistant:

Brother Andrew Schwegler

Second Assistant:

Sister Kristin Foxworth

Chief Justice:

Sister Kayla Sullivan

Associate Justices:

Brother Henry Friedrich and Sister Amy Guined


Sister Ruthie Lichtenstein


Sister Ruthie Lichtenstein


Brother Whit Carmon


Sister Terry Bardagjy


Earth Day

This week in Phi Kappa, we’re debating libel laws as they pertain to the food industry. Does Monsanto have the right to sue the makers of Food, Inc?

From the presenter, Sister Baker:

BIHR: Industry-specific libel laws are unconstitutional and thus should be abolished. RS, Sister Baker

By “industry-specific libel laws”, I mean laws such as the “veggie libel laws” which exist in 13 states (including Georgia) which afford heightened protection of perishable food industries against critical speech. I will be using veggie libel laws as my argument against having extra special protections of any other private industries against wide-open debate on public issues. 

By “unconstitutional”, I mean “not in accordance with a political constitution, esp. the U.S. Constitution, or with procedural rules.” 

By “abolished”, I mean “formally put an end to (a system, practice, or institution).”

I will be framing this as a statutory “slippery slope”; if we start affording extra protections to one industry, how many more will be allowed to take shelter from critique by scaring journalists into silence? So, take this as a broad, over-arching resolution concerning the morality/legality of protection private enterprise from public scrutiny, not just veggie libel laws.



This Thursday there will be an interruption of our regularly scheduled debate program. That’s because it’s the annual Inter-Society Debate against the rivals. Join us in the Brother Hatton Lovejoy courtroom for the great debate which will start at 7:30pm. All members must arrive at Phi Kappa Hall by 7:00pm to run through business before the big event.

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Ignorance is Bliss?

Join us this Thursday in Phi Kappa Hall to debate if it’s happier to be ignorant.

Definitions as provided by Sister Katies Gasner:

Howdy guys, get ready for a great cat-bate!

BIHR: A person is happier ignorant rather than knowledgeable.

Happy meaning joyful, content, and pleasurable

Ignorant meaning uneducated, uninformed, and lacking knowledge

Knowledgeable meaning well informed, perceptive, and possessing understanding gained through experience or study

Ignorance is bliss, y’all. Put some south in yo mouth

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