The Phi Kappa Literary Society is a debate society at the University of Georgia. We meet every academic Thursday at Phi Kappa Hall on North Campus at 7 p.m.

All with an insatiable appetite for knowledge and oratory are welcome.



Phi Kappa's First Video


New semester, New Webmaster

Hello all!!!

Begining Spring 2012, I will be taking over the webmaster duties for the Phi Kappa Literary Society. My goal is to bring a fresh perspective to our internet presence and to ensure that our name is able to get to the public. Keep checking both this website, as well as our Facebook, and Youtube pages for some new additions. 


Bro. Wheeler


New officers for Spring 2013

Well all, the time has come to announce the newly elected officers for the society.

President: Sister Jessica Melear
First Assistant: Brother Ben Woodard
Second Assistant: Brother Stanton Kincaid
Chief Justice: Brother Walker Smith
Associate Justices: Sister Liana Fiallos, Brother C.J. Brown
Alumni Secretary: Sister Cherith Fuller
Clerk: Sister Katherine La Mantia
Treasurer: Brother Matthew Tyler
Historian: Brother Mark Wheeler
Clavinger: Brother Michael Antonoff
Censor: To Be Appointed the first meeting of next semester
Webmaster: Brother Mark Wheeler

Congratulations to all the new officers. I look forward to what is sure to be an exciting semester!


BIHR: WUOG should cease its current operations

Join the Phi Kappa Literary Society as we take on this topic. As always, guests are encouraged, but not required, to speak.
-By WUOG, I mean “a student-run College radio station licensed to Athens, Georgia, USA, the station serves the Athens area. The station is currently owned by the University of Georgia.”
-By “should cease”, I mean completely end as an ongoing concern.
-By “current operations”, I mean its radio operations or any other activity that requires funding.


BIHR: Animal testing is justified for medical research

This Thursday, join the Phi Kappa society at 7 p.m as Bro. Kincaid presents the motion. Guests are always welcome and encouraged (but not required!) to speak.


Animal testing - The use of the use of non-human animals in research which is conducted inside universities, medical schools, pharmaceutical companies, farms, defense establishments, and commercial facilities. It includes pure research such as genetics, developmental biology, behavioral studies, as well as applied research such as biomedical research, xenotransplantation, drug testing and toxicology tests. Animals are also used for education, breeding, and defense research. 

Justified - Done for or marked by a good or legitimate reason; to be valid or right.

Medical research - The research aimed at understanding or treating a human disease or health condition and conducted to aid and support the body of knowledge in the field of medicine.  Medical research may involve doing research on public health, biochemistry, clinical research, microbiology, physiology, oncology, surgery and research on many other non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.