The Phi Kappa Literary Society is a debate society at the University of Georgia. We meet every academic Thursday at Phi Kappa Hall on North Campus at 7 p.m.

All with an insatiable appetite for knowledge and oratory are welcome.


The Week: Book Censorship.

This week's resolution is:
NewSouth books ought to be commended for updating Huckleberry Finn.

Hope to see you at 7 on Thursday in PhiKappa Hall.


Speak American.

 November 11 2010, Mark Wheeler presented, “BIHR: The United States ought to adopt English as its official language.” Kayla Sullivan will be negating. This was also  the try-out for anyone wishing to participate in the UGA at Oxford debate. If you are interested, come prepared to speak.


You Give Poetry a Bad Name

On November 4th at 9pm, the Phi Kappa Literary Society will be hosting a bad poetry competition to crown the Phi Kappa Poet Laureate for 2010! So, begin working now to craft an awesomely horrible and horribly awesome piece to share with all of us.


  • All in attendance are eligible to compete
  • There is no format requirement
  • The winner will be decided by a vote of those in attendance
  • Entrants may present up to 3 original works to be judged

So, we hope to see you there. Remember it’s

November 4th at 9pm Upstairs In Phi Kappa Hall


Phi Kappa Week

Read below for a rundown of all the great PK event coming up this week.

October 25th @ 8PM

Spooky Recitations on North Campus

October 27th @ 8PM

B.Y.O.P. Pumpkin Carving Outside of Phi Kappa Hall

October 28th @ 7PM

Ghost Story Competition and “Jesus is a Zombie” Debate in Phi Kappa Hall

November 1st @ 8PM

Declamations on Myers Quad


Unisex Bathrooms

So, this week’s debate is all about Unisex Bathrooms. So, I present to you a lovely rant about them from Sister Lichtenstein’s Tumblr for inspiration.

I’ve been looking at some forums today about unisex bathrooms because this week at Phi Kappa (debate society that I’m in), I’m presenting the resolution “All bathrooms at UGA should be unisex.”

And may I say, people are so fucking dumb! This guy raises a question about gender roles and bathrooms, and granted, he doesn’t seem like a genius either (he keeps spelling ‘separately’ like ‘seperately’— so annoying), but some of the responses are just entirely fucking missing the point.

My personal favorite is :

‘It has nothing to do with “arbitrary gender roles” It’s the fact that men are men and women are women. I’d feel uncomfortable peeing with a guy in the stall next to me.’

Wow. Way to fucking define an arbitrary gender role.

Of course, there are legitimate concerns because people in this country are fucked up and I am sure there are many a craigslist personals user with fetishes about ladies peeing. But that’s kind of the point— we should be able to do this without having to worry about that kind of stuff. It’s not a solution, it’s drawing attention to a symptom of a gender binary that oversimplifies, makes many people unhappy, and ultimately feeds this weird Victorian notion of sex— that it should be repressed— which ends up sexualizing things like a room full of toilets where people do their business.



Brother Schwegler