The Phi Kappa Literary Society is a debate society at the University of Georgia. We meet every academic Thursday at Phi Kappa Hall on North Campus at 7 p.m.

All with an insatiable appetite for knowledge and oratory are welcome.



Proper Points of Information

I will no longer entertain Points of Information in the way our society has for the past few semesters. Such Incidental Motions have been abused in recent meetings. If we were able to follow the rules at least moderately close, I would be alright with allowing the occasional “pinchy” question. As things rest, for now, I strongly discourage such things. This post will serve as a permanent resource for members that want to know exactly how requests for information shoudl be handled.

Here is a helpful chart of motions:

Here is the full text of Robert’s Rules online:—00.htm

Pay particular attention to the section on Incidental Motions:

From Article IV, Section 27b of Robert’s Rules of Order:
“Request for Information. A request for information relating to the pending business is treated just as a parliamentary inquiry, and has the same privileges. The inquirer rises and says, “Mr. Chairman, I rise for information,” or, “I rise to a point of information,” whereupon the chair directs him to state the point upon which he desires information, and the procedure continues as in case of a parliamentary inquiry. If the information is desired of the speaker, instead of the chair, the inquirer upon rising says, “Mr. Chairman, I should like to ask the gentleman a question.” The chairman inquires if the speaker is willing to be interrupted, and if he consents, he directs the inquirer to proceed. The inquirer then asks the question through the chair, thus, “Mr. Chairman, I should like to ask the gentleman,” etc. The reply is made in the same way, as it is not in order for members to address one another in the assembly. While each speaker addresses the chair, the chair remains silent during the conversation. If the speaker consents to the interruption the time consumed is taken out of his time.”




Dream Job! Life as a Parliamentarian

Check out this article on the life of a parliamentarian.  These people are grandfathered in to the role, and even then, there have only been four of them…ever.  Talk about a dream job - running the senate based on parliamentary order!


Does god exist? A novel approach:

Check out NPR’s Fresh Air interviewing a novelist who tries her hand at answering the question of the existence of (a) god(s).  A great way to get warmed up for next week’s debate, BIHR: god is a construct of Man! 




I have never seen such an insightful glimpse into this intellectual masterpiece.